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6 Everyday Uses For Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are durable and malleable plastics that absorb little moisture. These sheets are also flame retardant and less prone to impact damage than other clear plastics. With so many desirable features, it is no surprise that this plastic is used in many applications instead of acrylic, plastic, and other materials. Here are six everyday uses for polycarbonate sheets you should know about.

Hardware Gadgets And Electrical Accessories

Polycarbonate sheets are widely used in producing many hardware gadgets and electrical accessories. Since these sheets are high-impact and lightweight, they are used in constructing LCD sections, cell phones, computers, DVDs, CDs, connectors, and switching relays. Polycarbonate sheets are popular in the electronic and electrical industries because they are one of the most durable and safest materials available.

Agricultural Applications

Polycarbonate sheets are now preferred to glass in the agricultural industry for various reasons. Unlike glass, which is breakable, massive, and prone to damage in adverse weather, polycarbonate sheets are durable and withstand harsh weather. Also, these sheets have widely replaced glass in the construction of greenhouses and nurseries due to their outstanding UV protection layer. As such, they let in nearly all of the sun’s light while preventing harmful UV radiations from entering, protecting plants within. Polycarbonate panels are also used in making dairy farms, fish farms, poultry shelters, and storage buildings.

Security Applications

These sheets are now being used for protective visors, riot shields, and prison windows due to their durability. When using these tools, the primary concern of the police force is the extent of damage they typically receive daily. Therefore, they usually give these sheets anti-scratch coating layers to make them scratch-resistant. This way, these shields, windows, and protective visors become abrasion-resistant and can withstand repeated use.

Building Material

Polycarbonate sheet is about 200 times more durable than glass, making it an excellent glass replacement option when applicable. These sheets also allow natural light into buildings and can be tinted to reduce the sunlight reflecting insight buildings to minimize cooling costs. Therefore, polycarbonate is typically used instead of glass in various window and skylight applications. Roof domes and louvers, translucent walls and signage, barrel vaults, and canopies are other uses of polycarbonate sheets in building construction. These sheets are also used extensively in sports stadium roofs to shield fans from bad weather.

Safety Glasses

Since polycarbonate sheets are flame retardant, resistant to several chemicals, and withstand impact impressively, they are a top choice in making safety goggles and glasses. These sheets’ transparent but durable nature makes them ideal for safety in this application. They offer better protection than many alternative materials while keeping goggles and glasses thin enough not to affect the wearer’s vision.

Durable Barriers And Fencing

Polycarbonate plastic’s robust, durable and impact-resistant nature makes it ideal for fencing and barrier applications. Therefore, hockey rinks are often made with these sheets for enhanced safety and resilience. Since these sheets are also transparent, many swimming pools are encased in polycarbonate as a security measure to prevent intruders and reduce poolside accidents.

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