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How to Recycle Old Computer In A Secure Way?

Disposing old computers or laptops in an irresponsible manner is bad for both your personal security and therefore the environment. the foremost important thing to think about while you eliminate your old computer is your privacy. you want to make sure that your private and important business data doesn’t fall under the incorrect hands.

In this article, we’ll check out a number of the ways during which you’ll eliminate your computers in an environmentally responsible and secure manner.

Pre-Disposal Steps

Back up Important Files

The first thing you ought to do is make a replica of your data on a replacement computer or an external disk drive . you’ll transfer your data safely by using an external disk drive , memory card or a USB stick. Furthermore, you’ll also use services like Google Drive or Dropbox to transfer or store data via the cloud.

Wipe the disk drive

Clearing data off your hard disc isn’t as easy as you’ll think. Anyone can recover data from a formatted hard disc with the assistance of some data recovery software. Therefore, so as to make sure safety, you want to use tools like Eraser to overwrite hard drives. This tool replaces old information with the new one, which makes it almost impossible for the hackers to access your data.

Remove your disk drive

Dabbling with data-shredding software isn’t the simplest way of ensuring the security of private info when it involves recycling old computers. A physical removal of the disk drive is that the best way of eliminating chances of unauthorised access to your personal information.

You can also smash your disk drive to bits with a hammer and make the info render unrecoverable. However, you want to confirm that the platter is destroyed.

Get in touch with an IT recycling company that gives data destruction services. they’re going to not only destroy the info within the disk drive but also will provide a knowledge destruction certificate which will guarantee the destruction of your data.

The Best Ways of Disposing Old Computers

Repurpose it

Why don’t you reuse your old computer rather than replacing or upgrading it. you’ll install a lighter version of Linux OS thereon like Puppy Linux or Damn Small Linux and pass it on to your grandparents or children for games, simple data processing , and web browsing.


Is your computer still in working condition but not serves your needs? If yes, then you’ve got an opportunity to try to to something good by giving something back to your community. Get in touch with some social programmes, schools and native libraries and see if they’re going to take it off your hands and provides it a replacement lease of life.

If you’re running a business then you ought to first compile an inventory of your old IT equipment that you simply want to donate. Making a donation to recyclers or non-profit organisations can cause you to eligible for tax cuts. All you would like to try to to is keep record of your equipment’s estimated value, donation date and outline of computers. Get an appraisal if your donation value seems to be greater than 5000.

Salvage Spare Parts

You can observe use of the component parts albeit your computer is not any longer in working condition. for instance , a personal computer comes with a mouse, keyboard and monitor; you’ll use these components together with your new PC also . you’ll even use the old disk drive in your new pc as a secondary drive.

Contact IT Recyclers

Look for credible, certified IT disposal companies in your area. Get in touch with the corporate directly or visit their website. determine about their recycling procedures, see if they suits WEEE regulations and supply data destruction certificates. If you’re proud of their services and certification, you’ll ask them to select up your redundant IT equipment like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets from the doorstep .

Eco Green IT recycling features a vision to converse and protect the environment by playing a key role in recycling of redundant IT and equipment . the corporate will guarantee safety and destruction of your data by efficiently disposing and managing your discarded equipment.

Katie Baker may be a marketing consultant at Eco Green IT Recycling features a vision to converse and protect the environment by playing a key role in recycling of redundant IT and equipment . the corporate will guarantee safety and destruction of your data by efficiently disposing and managing your discarded equipment .

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