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Yoast Seo Tutorial 2020 – How to Setup Yoast SEO Plugin

In this tutorial we’ll learn complete Yoast Seo plugin configuration step by step. Keep following the steps…

1. Install “Yoast SEO” plugin

2. Go to “Configuration Wizard” and setup the installation following the steps.

Keep all “Yes” section under the “Search Engine Visibility” section

3. After the installation setup, go to Yoast/features and make all features “ON”.

4. Go to “Webmaster Tools” section.

Go to “Google search console” and paste your website’s URL to make a google verification code. Copy the code of “HTML tag” to the “Google verification code” textbox.

Do the same to the Bing if you need Bing search.

5. After that, go to “Search Appearance”.

5.1 Go to “Content Types” section.

Under “Post” part, only keep “title, separator and site name” in the “Title template” section. Click “Need Help” and go to “Snippet Variables”, find and copy “%%excerpt%%” to “Meta description template” textbox.

For the “Page” part, do the same thing as the “Post” part.

The remaining part, making the changes depends on personal requirement.

Save the changes.

5.2 Go to the “Media” and make the “Redirect attachment URLs to the attachment itself” be “YES”.

5.3 Go to “Taxonomies”. Under the “Categories” part, keep “term title, separator and site name” in the “Title template” section. And click “need help” button and go to “snippet variables”, copy “%%category description” to the “Meta description template” section.

Change “tag” to “NO” and Make the “Category URLs” as “Keep”.

5.4 Go to “Archives” section, disabled the “Data archives setting” and get rid of “page” part from “Special Pages”.

Save the changes.

6. Go to “Search console” section. Authenticate with Google in the “Setting”

7. Go to “Social” section. Setup the URLs of your social websites.

8. Add sitemap to your webmaster. For Google, go to google console and find the “Crawl/Sitemaps”. Click “Add” sitemaps and add “sitemap.xml” to the URL.

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