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Is there Phone call/Internet Possible while Trekking in the Everest Region?

Trekking means exploring the staggering beauty and glimpse of nature by walking. Nowadays trekking has become the most marvelous way to spend your holidays. Trekking at Himalaya means to have a breathtaking experience in the mountains. Along with that Trekking at Everest Base Camp is like a dream come true for everyone because reaching the base of the world’s highest peak has another sickness.

Nowadays the Internet has become the most unavoidable thing in our life. The phone call is also the same thing as the internet. On EBC we will travel through many dangerous places so we need to be connected with family through the medium of communication, we can be connected at any time if service is provided. While trekking if we have a sort of money in the middle of the journey then through the internet we can pay the bill.

Impacts of the Internet throughout the journey:

The Internet and mobile make people connected from one country to another. While trekking at EBC we will travel through remote areas where it is harder to find the internet. But as we are continuing our journey we will forget about the internet and facilities because of the scenery of high mountains, snow, and forests.

Internet services available and not available areas at EBC:

Everest Base Camp is an amazing place to travel as well as it is dangerous also. So, it is harder to install stations but also the Ncell Nepali sim card provider has installed the stations in the areas of Everest. Our wireless network provider has done a great job because you can get wireless services at maximum areas throughout the journey which will get you connected with your normal life also. You can find different communication in areas like:-

  • Lukla
  • Phadking
  • Namche Bazaar
  • Duboche
  • Tengboche
  • Dingboche
  • Lobuche
  • Gorak Shep
  • Pheriche
  • Khumjung

In some areas, it is difficult to get access to the internet or mobile services. Everest Base Camp itself is situated at the altitude above the 5000m so it is harder to reach each and every area of the Everest region. The Everest region itself has a wide range.

Everest is situated far away from the capital and no roads are connected to that region so it is harder to be prepared for any kind of problem. And in some areas, it is difficult to reach so you cannot find internet service. Due to continuous weather change, it is harder to repair and solve any other problems.

Kind of internet and phone call services provided in EBC:

On Everest Base Camp Trek you will be away from your daily lifestyle filled with 24 hours Fast Internet services and phone calls. So as you are far away from these lifestyles of the city, so on the whole journey of the EBC you can find Ncell service through you can have phone calls and internet both which is fast enough to do video calls also. Many areas also have good wifi network connections.

Limited or Unlimited Internet Service:

On the journey of EBC, you can find internet services both limited and unlimited but it depends on the area. Throughout the journey you can find unlimited internet services at Lukla, Dingboche, Tengboche, Namche, and Dingboche. But some areas like Phadking, Pheriche, Khumjung, Lobuche, Gorak Shep have only limited internet services. 

Cost and Charge of Internet Services:

As it is not only a one day trip so you spend your night at different places and daily you’ll travel to different villages. So, there will be different kinds of charges according to different areas. In many places, you have to pay for the wifi also. According to the village or areas, the speed of the internet can be fast and slow. Some cafes and lodges provide you fast wifi.

As you continue your trek altitude increases and the temperature decreases. The temperature can decrease up to the freezing point also. So, it will be tough for you to use a phone. As you reach the higher altitude due to coldness your mobile battery will start draining a lot faster as compared to normal temperature. 

Telcel ha estado entre los operadores de telefonía móvil más populares durante casi 40 años. Ahora es muy fácil cargar tu Telcel. Para el Telcel Recarga ​solo ingresa al sitio web y selecciona tu país. Ahora puede recargar su teléfono en todo el mundo Además de comprar saldo de llamadas para usted, también puede enviar recargas móviles a amigos y familiares. Tu apoyo llegará a casa en segundos.


On the journey of Everest Base Camp, you can get access to the internet and receive and use phone calls along the whole journey. To make your journey more amazing our Nepali internet service providers have done a great job by providing internet access to remote areas also. It will be a reliable cost while using internet service or taking a data package. You will be blessed with constant connectivity of internet and phone services almost anywhere you go.

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