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Preparing for GMAT Online, with Experts’ Global

One must target a good GMAT score to be able to secure an admit to his/her dream B-school. In recognition of this fact, several coaching centers have formulated specific teaching methodologies to help their students ace the GMAT. However, GMAT is a serious investment of time and resources and students must carefully select the best prep program. Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program is one option that you should consider for the convenient and holistic education it enables for you. This on demand, online program, since it was rolled out in 2018, has catered to thousands of GMAT aspirants, majority of whom have reported significant improvement in their performance.  The following section highlights the salient features of this program:

Similarity to the GMAT

For a GMAT prep program to be considered competent and robust, it should ensure the most significant factor: similarity to GMAT in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. and Experts’ Global has achieved just the same. The entire package of 4000+ training questions and mock test questions accurately resemble the GMAT questions in the stated factors. Besides, the firm remains a pioneer in having successfully replicated the scoring pattern of GMAT in its online prep series. The students who have taken the Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep package affirm congruence between their scores on the GMAT and their reported final mocks.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep package is, undoubtedly, the most complete prep program. With 15 full-length GMAT mock tests, which is a comparatively high number for a GMAT preparation program, this prep package ensures that you are adequately prepared for taking the GMAT. The higher number of practice tests ensure that you build up endurance and naturally develop strategy. Moreover, as these tests are significantly similar to the GMAT test type and pattern, taking the mocks repeatedly allows an accurate assessment of the students’ GMAT performance. You can even take a free GMAT mock.

Weakness Diagnosis

The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep package has reached the perfect fusion of education and technology. The employment of a weakness diagnostics in the prep package ensures that the student is able to follow a personalized study plan, one that serves to improve the student’s specific weak areas. The analytics software analyzes every performance to provide which sections, quant and verbal, the student performed best and worst in. It also checks the previous performances to return a broad understanding of the student’s overall performance. Moreover, the analytics software also reads the time spent on each question. Thereby, you can prepare your own study plan to ensure that you optimize time and improve your weak areas.

Video Instruction

A repository of self-study resources sets apart the Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program. Each of the questions in the package is followed by a video instruction that explains the problem as well as the most efficient methods of solving the questions. You can refer to these videos even if you have been able to answer the question correctly. You may opt for the text explanations if you do not want to watch the videos.


That this is an on demand, online prep program ensures that the GMAT aspirants can complete the necessary training from the comfort of their home. For the working, full-time professionals, this ascertains optimization of time and allows the student to pace his/her learning requirement.

Special Features

Another interesting aspect of the Experts’ Global Online GMAT Training Module is the inclusion of several innovative features designed to facilitate learning. For example, you can use Flag to mark a particular question that you found interesting or difficult or relevant. Thus, you can come back to the question/s at a later point. This feature, thereby, helps you to adequately revise the concepts tested on GMAT. You can also affix Sticky, which is a small, colorful pop-up screen, on your front page to make important notes while solving questions and watching videos. These minute innovation details exhibit Experts’ Global’s seriousness and dedication in ensuring the best learning experience for their students.

Thus, if you are planning to take the GMAT, opt for the most structured online GMAT prep program by Experts’ Global GMAT. The high-quality study material and smart diagnostics ensure rigorous but well-paced learning, allowing you to comfortably ace the GMAT.

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