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Things to Know Before Decorating Your Home with Himalayan Salt Lamps

What are the Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage these days, and rightfully so. These salt lamps are made of crystals of salt, extracted from the Himalayan Mountains. A light bulb is placed in the center of a salt lamp. So, Himalayan salt lamps do not just look beautiful, but they have a variety of benefits. These crystal salt lamps emit a shade of pink light that is super catchy and attractive. So, find out more about these lamps with us and make a purchase soon!

What Makes These Himalayan Salt Lamps So Unique?

These crystal salt lamps are unique in the way they look but are also unique in their benefits. An ordinary lamp may be useful for its aesthetics, however, these lamps have so much more to them. Imagine! These salt lamps calm allergies. Users of salt lamps claim that they have the power to even reduce asthma. 

Have you heard of a lamp that helps your surroundings to become safer for you? If not, now you know. Dust particles are soaked up by the salt crystals, thus clearing out most unwanted particles. This unique quality, clearly, allows them to be placed and used almost anywhere. 

Surprisingly, these salt crystal lamps have the ability to equalize electromagnetic emissions in our surroundings. They do so by radiating negative ions in their surroundings. To counter all harmful rays emitted by televisions, mobile phones, and other gadgets, this is perfect. Thus, it leads to decreased stress and exhaustion. While these benefits may not appear huge, they do have a huge long-term impact on your physical and mental health. 

Himalayan salt lamps are not a direct form of nature; however, they do categorize as an indirect way of getting benefits from nature. Hence, their use is similar to spending some time in nature and feeling relaxed. They can improve your mood and positive vibes like none other. Do not believe us? Well, try these and find out soon! 

Are These Crystal Salt Lamps Worth Buying?

A salt crystal lamp is a perfect way to decorate your house without leaning on too much electricity bills. These salt lamps emit a medium-light that lightens up the room without consuming loads of electricity. Therefore, it has multiple benefits. It can prevent your budget from straining and is perfect for those having trouble to sleep. 

We dare you to believe us, this is an instant love-affair for anyone who sees them. Your guests and family members, alike, will be awed by the beauty of these crystal salt lamps. So, get ready to enjoy a warm and comfortable ambiance with these pure Himalayan salt lamps

Moreover, these lamps are produced organically and are super affordable. Your loved ones will be delighted to receive these as a gift, that’s a promise. Yes! They will love this thoughtful gift! 

How Can These Salt lamps be Used for decoration? 

One interesting way to decorate these crystal salt lamps is to place them on the coffee table in your lounge. An instant eye-catcher, a Himalayan salt lamp will add an instant appeal to your lounge. These crystal salt lamps are a perfect table decoration for the study room.

Decorate the most frequently used rooms with salt lamps. This way, it will help one to attain the maximum advantages of a crystal lamp. The side table is an ideal place to keep these lamps since one spends a lot of time in bedrooms. 

A salt lamp looks even prettier if decorated with some flowers beside it. It adds a natural vibe to the room without overdoing the concept. Also, we recommend to not put the salt lamp beside an open window. 

How to Use a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp?

Salt lamps are beautiful but fragile when mishandled. Make the best out of your salt lamp by leaving it on for all twenty-four hours. To reveal the true essence of your salt lamp, turn it on for longer durations. Crystal salt lamps tend to accumulate water and can lead to slight leakage. However, there is nothing to worry about. Keep your salt lamp dry and save any troubles of salty watermarks. Also, avoid placing them in humid rooms.

We know LED bulbs are super attractive, but if you want to salt lamps to last longer, prevent using LED bulbs. The benefits of salt lamps cannot be explored fully using an LED bulb as they do not produce much heat. 

Make sure to cool down a salt lamp to clean it well. Use a damp cloth to clean the salt lamp thoroughly without rubbing it. And voila! Your Himalayan salt lamp is clean as new. 

Identifying an authentic Himalayan salt lamp

It is easy to get fooled around in a world full of fake products. But no more if you follow our guidelines to identify an authentic Himalayan salt lamp. Ideally, the best salt lamp tends to fade the cloth used to clean it. If it happens, have faith, you own an original piece. 

And most certainly, if your Himalayan salt lamp is unable to break, it is impure. Handle pure salt lamps with utmost care as they can be fragile. Further, the lamp has some issues if the light emitted from it is super bright. An authentic salt lamp has a dispersed light and has a medium-light strength.  Finally, an authentic lamp will emit the benefits it proclaims. If this does not happen, know that you have been fooled. 

The Khewra salt mine located in Pakistan is one of the largest hubs of Himalayan salt. While searching for the query, where to buy Himalayan salt lamps, we must ensure the company is deriving the salt from that region. Like a famous US glass product company, Fab Glass and Mirror offers Pakistani handcrafted Himalayan salt lamps with 100% originality. 

Real Himalayan salt lamps should be placed in almost every household and even offices as they are a precious find. Be sure to check the product thoroughly before making a purchase. These lamps are full of benefits and are easy to find. The best Himalayan salt lamp is one that shows you some health improvement and adds oomph to its surroundings. A real salt lamp is available in different shapes, so choose a unique shape and make your house look beautiful as ever!

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