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Best Fabric in White Shalwar Kameez and Kurta

Fellow gentlemen! we’ve gathered here to revolutionize men’s fashion industry with classic ethnic wears like white kurta pajamas and salwar kameez. In Pakistan, white men’s shalwar kameez and kurta pajama are the most popular traditional outfits for formal and casual events alike. For this solemn concern, Faisalabad fabric store offers an online wholesale web platform rendering a multitude of various fabrics, intricate embroidery design, and range of fancy colors.

Faisalabad fabric store stocks a huge collection of quality fabrics for menswear ranging from pure cotton, cotton satan, paper Cotton, wash and wear, linen, Arabic linen, raw silk, khaddar, karandi fabric, lawn cotton, white Latha, denim, boski and many more. If you are going for stitched clothes, rest assured about the stitch quality and size availability. All the standard sizes S, M, L, XL, and sizes are stitched to meet your demand. If you are a custom freak Faisalabad fabric store is the right place for you to customize stitching, embroidery design, and styling. You can customize dresses on wholesale and retail orders.

 white kurta pajama

This retail web store makes stitched and unstitched clothes available to you at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. Their quality fabric is also exported to many countries including Australia, Canada, India  UK, USA, and UAE. National customers can make payment through bank transfers, jazz cash offers and for international customers PayPal and Western Union options are available.

Diversity in simplicity:

White is the color of perfection, purity, and simplicity. A plain white kurta pajama or salwar kameez befits all casual, semi-formal and formal events. These white kurtas are further embellished by cut lines, side motifs, embroidered collars, bans, and cuffs. You can layer white kurtas with Brocade or cambric cotton waistcoats to appear more sophisticated. The following fabrics for men’s white kurtas and shalwar kameez are recommended. These are available on for the most reasonable price.

Cotton fabric for men shalwar suits:

Cotton is the best fabric to fulfill summer apparel needs. Men’s Cotton shalwar kameez is durable clothing since cotton is a natural product it doesn’t cause allergies or irritate sensitive skin. Men and women of all age groups prefer cotton clothing. On religious events like Eid, jummah prayer, Ramadan iftar parties, and other function cotton shalwar kameez are most befitting. Mostly men prefer white, off white and navy blue and brown cotton suits.

Cotton fabric for men shalwar suits

Wash and wear for men shalwar kameez:

Wash and wear is the most sought fabric for its durability and comfortability. It can be easily washed, ironed and worn again. Considering the variety of colors available in the wash and wear fabric it is a must-have for every wardrobe. Price variations are present for different qualities of wash and wear fabric.

Raw silk white kurta pajama:

Silk is valued for its shimmering look and smooth surface. Due to its texture, it doesn’t cling to the body and is pleasant to touch. You can completely rock a casual party or family function with a White raw silk kurta pajama. This fabric is available in stitched and unstitched form.

Khaddar kurta pajama for men:

Khaddar fabric is the best option for men’s winter wear. This fabric is a mixture of cotton and wool and is great for shalwar kameez. White khaddar shalwar kameez and even kurta With a blend of polyester and cotton, khaddar can also be worn in summers.

Khaddar kurta pajama for men

Karandi kurta designs for men:

This lightweight fabric can be worn in any season be it summer or winter. White karandi kurta goes along with churridar pants or plain trousers and traditional footwear such as khussa and Peshawari chappal.

Boski fabric for men’s kurta and shalwar kameez:

Boski kurta and shalwar kameez are very popular in men’s fashion. It is an expensive and ostentatious clothing fabric. This fabric is lighter and therefore is suitable for tropics. The cremish color boski kurta appears graceful and is worn by grooms especially on their Nikkah.

Denim white kurta for men and women:

Denim kurta’s are an innovation in contemporary clothing fashion, adding style to cultural outfits. Short denim kurta’s are best for casual wear and is a perfect blend of elegance and simplicity.

Denim white kurta for men and women

Faisalabad fabric store brings your attention to current fashion trends and fulfills your demand for quality and style as per season and your budget. It manufactures the best textile fabric for men’s kurta pajama which covers summer, winter and tropical seasons Also deals in Bed Sheet. No compromise is made on the quality of stitched and unstitched clothes. You can now revamp your wardrobes with apparel variety of flattening ethnic wear available on this online platform.

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